Zach Bryan's Concert Takes a Turn with Live 'Hawk Tuah' Action!

Zach Bryan performs during the Quittin Time tour at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee.

Zach Bryan shared a steamy and unforgettable onstage moment with viral sensation Hailey Welch, the infamous “Hawk Tuah” girl.

Country music’s Zach Bryan, one of the industry’s hottest rising stars, made headlines with a surprise guest at his Nashville concert at Nissan Stadium. The viral sensation Hailey Welch, aka the Hawk Tuah girl, joined him onstage!

Welch skyrocketed to fame with a TikTok interview where she hilariously described a sexually provocative move using the phrase “hawk tuah,” complete with a spitting sound. The clip took the internet by storm!

To ensure her safety from the intense spotlight, Bryan’s team gave Welch the full VIP treatment and a special cameo during his encore performance of Revival. Talk about hawk tuah-ing yourself to stardom!


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