Swimwear to Definitely Wear This Summer. What Are the Hottest Trends of the Season?

Swimwear to Definitely Wear This Summer. What Are the Hottest Trends of the Season?

Whether you’re seeking a statement bikini or a chic one-piece for your upcoming vacation, we’ve got you covered. Dive in and explore the must-have swimwear trends of the Summer 2024 season!


Immerse yourself in the delicate, dreamy details of this trend ranging from dainty floral prints to romantic ruffles and lace trims. We will definitely be seeing a lot of bows, baby pink hues, and ruching, creating a sense of whimsical, vintage-inspired glamour.

With these coquette-like swimsuits you will evoke pure poolside sophistication. Accessorize your looks with cute straw handbags, wedge slippers, and sheer coverups that seamlessly complement the feminine vibe.

Animal print

It is no surprise the 2024 swimwear season is also embracing the already widely popular animal print trend with designers introducing bold, eye-catching prints inspired by everything from zebras and tigers to snakes and crocodiles.

These attention-grabbing animal patterns bring an exotic yet luxurious edge to swimwear, elevating classic silhouettes like high-waisted bikinis and plunging one-pieces as we’ve already seen at the Amarotto swimwear fashion show during Miami Swim Week. Complement this maximalist trend by more minimalist accessories like slim black sunglasses and a white linen shirt.

Metal details

Metallic hardware and accents – we are seeing them more and more often and we will be seeing them by the beach as well! The Summer 2024 season is elevating classic swimsuit silhouettes with a wide range of shiny, eye-catching metal elements.

Think attached waist chains, funky belt details, and ruched bottoms adorned with gleaming hardware. The metallic trend extends beyond just gold, with designers exploring a spectrum of lustrous finishes, from sleek satin to glitter-brushed fabrics. And for an added touch of sparkle, swim jewelry brands like Dorne offer clip-on accessories that can be mixed and matched across any swimsuit.

90’s Minimalism

While bold prints and molten metallics may be grabbing the spotlight, the revival of 90s minimalism provides a chic, timeless alternative for those who prefer a more pared-back, effortless aesthetic.

Designers are tapping into the enduring appeal of classic, clean-lined silhouettes and solid, neutral hues like classic black, stark white, and earthy tones. As the less is more approach proves it can be just as stunning as any other motif, the focus falls on flattering, streamlined cuts rather than flashy details.

Bright colors and fun patterns

If, on the other hand, you are craving a more vibrant, playful aesthetic for the warmer months, the 2024 swimwear season has you covered, too. Expect to see a proliferation of saturated hues like hot pink, bold purple, regal blue, and verdant green. These vivid shades look just as stunning in the pool or by the beach!

But color isn’t the only way designers are making a statement - classic prints and playful patterns are also getting a high-fashion refresh. Sweet gingham, for instance, has been spotted in streetwear and is now making a splash in swimwear too.

Boho’s Back!

The Boho trend is back, embracing an organic, earthy sensibility that evokes a sense of laid-back luxury. Key hallmarks include natural, textural fabrics like crocheted knits, macrame, and airy cottons that lend a handcrafted, artisanal feel.

And accessories like shell jewelry, fringed cover-ups, and woven bags round out the boho-chic aesthetic.


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