How Ice Spice, Kalani Hilliker & More Celebrated the Fourth of July in Style

US musician Ice Spice performs on the Orange Stage at the Roskilde Festival, in Roskilde, Denmark, 04 July 2024.

The Fourth of July was a star-studded affair this year, with rising celebrities celebrating in style. Here’s how some of your favorite up-and-comers marked the holiday.

Priscilla Block turned Pennsylvania into a patriotic concert venue, delighting fans with a special Fourth of July performance that merged music and national pride.

Kalani Hilliker’s celebration took a romantic turn as she shared a tender moment with her boyfriend. Against a canvas of dazzling fireworks, the couple’s kiss became a picturesque tribute to love and liberty.

Anne Wilson honored the day’s deeper meaning with a heartfelt message, thanking those who’ve sacrificed for our freedoms and touching many followers.

Bailey Zimmerman brought a splash of fun to the holiday, quite literally. Wishing his followers a happy Fourth, he took a playful plunge into his pool, joining his already-swimming dog.

Ice Spice heated up the holiday in her own inimitable style. Teasing a new track about revenge on a cheating boyfriend, with fireworks as her backdrop, she proved that her music can be just as explosive as the pyrotechnics.

Leah Sava Jeffries summed up the day’s spirit with a stunning fireworks photo, her enthusiastic caption embodying the excitement of the Fourth of July.


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