Top 5 Hot Moments in Music - February 2024 Recap

March 2
Top 5 Hot Moments in Music - February 2024 Recap

This February, the music world kept us on our toes with surprises, dreams coming true, and tunes that got under our skin.

1. Kenya Grace Drops a Teaser That Has Everyone Talking

When Kenya Grace teased a snippet of her new song “It’s Not Fair” on Instagram, it felt like the internet paused for a moment. Known for her hit “Strangers,” she’s got a knack for blending sassy lyrics with catchy tunes, and this time she’s hinting at something big on the horizon. Her fans are all ears, waiting for what’s next.

2. Ice Spice’s Grammy Night Was a Dream

Ice Spice had a night to remember at this year’s Grammys, grabbing four nominations and openly daydreaming about a collab with Rihanna. But the cherry on top? Busta Rhymes crashing her interview to shout out his support.

3. Lil Jon’s Surprising New Groove

Yeah, you read that right. Lil Jon, the king of crunk, has taken a leap into the world of guided meditation. Swapping bass drops for deep breaths, he’s showing a side of himself that’s all about peace and mindfulness. It’s a move that has us all curious - and maybe even a little inspired.

4. Jennie’s “SOLO” Is Hitting New Heights

Jennie from BLACKPINK is about to hit a billion views on YouTube with her debut single “SOLO,” and it’s huge. It’s not just about the numbers; it’s about seeing an artist step out on her own and absolutely soar. This song has been on repeat around the globe, proving Jennie’s got her own massive wave to ride.

5. Big Boogie and GloRilla Bring the Heat with “Bop”

When Big Boogie and GloRilla teamed up for “Bop,” they delivered something that’s both fresh and fiery. It’s got that vibe that makes you want to move, backed by a video that’s just as lively. It’s the kind of track that reminds you why you fell in love with hip-hop in the first place.


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