Meet Johnny Flynn, the Rising Star Currently Shining in the Netflix Series 'Ripley'

April 25
Meet Johnny Flynn, the Rising Star Currently Shining in the Netflix Series 'Ripley'

Explore Johnny Flynn, a standout South African actor on Netflix’s “Ripley” and a talented musician with notable works like “The Moon Also Rises.” His versatile roles and engaging social media presence make him a rising star to watch.

It’s worth noting that John Flynn is a common name among actors, but the Johnny Flynn (born 1983) from Johannesburg, South Africa is uniquely making waves on Netflix with his latest role in the gripping series “Ripley” (2024). Playing the charismatic Dickie Greenleaf, this Flynn brings a complex blend of charm and mystery to the screen, captivating a global audience.

Known for portraying historical figures like David Bowie in the “Stardust” (2020), Ian Fleming (the author of books about James Bond) in “Operation Mincemeat” (2021) and literary characters in “Emma” (2020) his versatility shines.

Johnny Flynn also portrayed the young rescuer of Jewish children, Nicholas Winton (1909 - 2015), in the movie “One Life” (2023) and Albert Einstein in “Genius” (2017 - 2024). He was also supposed to portray Queen’s drummer, Roger Taylor, but instead, he played Bowie.

Besides his acting career, Johnny Flynn is also a successful musician and the singer of the music group named Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit. Notably, his albums include “The Moon Also Rises” (2023), “Sillion” (2017), and he has composed soundtracks for films like “Emma” (2020) and “Song One” (2014).

With his wife, theater artist Beatrice Minns, they have known each other since secondary school and have three children together. They got married in 2011 and live together in London."


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