The Phoebe Dynevor Role That 'Bridgerton' Fans Never Knew Existed

Phoebe Dynevor The Dayrooms store opening, London, UK - 23 Nov 2016

Bridgerton’ star Phoebe Dynevor’s surprising early TV role leaves fans shocked and questioning their memories.

TikTok sleuths have unearthed a gem from Phoebe Dynevor’s past that’s leaving everyone stunned. Before she was the talk of the ton as Daphne Bridgerton, our leading lady was roaming the halls of Waterloo Road!

That’s right, Dynevor cut her acting teeth on the beloved BBC school drama from 2009 to 2010. Fans are absolutely floored by this revelation, with reactions ranging from “Oh my God - what?” to “Daphne looks very different.”

But wait, there’s more! Since her Waterloo Road days, Phoebe’s been busy climbing the acting ladder. She’s graced our screens in Prisoners’ Wives, Dickensian, and the crime series Snatch.

And she’s not slowing down anytime soon. Keep your eyes peeled for Dynevor in upcoming projects like I Heart Murder and The Outlaws Scarlett and Browne. Looks like our Daphne is set to keep us captivated for years to come!


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