Merrick Hanna Celebrated the Fourth of July by Dressing Up as an Iconic American Figure

Merrick Hanna attends a Creator Screening in support of "IF," 2024

Merrick Hanna and Rachel Pizzolato brought a hilarious twist to their Fourth of July celebrations, captivating their followers with a playful Instagram video.

Merrick Hanna and Rachel Pizzolato celebrated the Fourth of July with a humorous video posted on Instagram. The pair dressed up as two iconic American symbols: Uncle Sam and the Statue of Liberty.

Merrick, known for his “flo-bot” dance style, has appeared on shows like America’s Got Talent (2006 - present) and “So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation” and has over 2.7 million followers on Instagram. Rachel, a TV host and fashion model with over 2.3 million TikTok followers, is known for her cosplays and appearances at comic conventions.


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