Meet the Viral Dance Duo Loczniki: 1 Million Followers and Still Rising!

Nicki and Loczek Celebrate One Million Instagram Followers, 2024

Loczniki, the dynamic dance duo, have just hit a major social media milestone. With 1 million Instagram followers, Nicki and Loczek continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

The dance duo Nicki and Loczek, known as Loczniki, have reached a significant milestone – 1 million followers on Instagram! They celebrated their success with a joyful post from the Open’er Festival.

Nicki (Nicole Szymkowski) and Loczek (Oskar Szymkowski) have taken social media by storm with their incredible dance moves inspired by NPCs (non-player characters in video games). Their mechanical and mesmerizing performances, inspired by video games like The Sims, Grand Theft Auto, and Skyrim, have captivated millions of viewers.

In addition to TikTok, where they have 2.9 million followers, and YouTube with 1.37 million subscribers, their viral fame continues to grow. From anime skits to dance tutorials, they combine humor and precision, making them a must-watch. Congratulations, Loczniki, on reaching this milestone on Instagram! Here’s to continued success!


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