Matt the Person Spends a Fun-Filled Day at LA Zoo


Matt Taylor, known as Matt the Person, enjoyed a sunny day at the Los Angeles Zoo and shared his experience on Instagram.

Popular social media star Matt Taylor (born 2002), known as Matt the Person, shared a moment from his visit to the Los Angeles Zoo on Instagram. The photos show Matt enjoying a sunny day at the zoo, where he saw a tortoise and giraffess among other animals. Known for his comedic skits on TikTok, where he often plays all the characters himself, Matt took a break from his usual routine to explore the zoo.

The Los Angeles Zoo, established in 1966 and spanning 133 acres, is renowned for its diverse exhibits, including the famous Chimpanzees of the Mahale Mountains and the Red Ape RainForest. Matt’s fans, who love his humorous content, left numerous comments on his post, praising his t-shirt and sharing their own experiences visiting the zoo.


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