Get ready for Summer with Sophie Yates' Amazing Iced Chocolate Frappé Recipe!

Sophie Yates on the beach.

Sophie Yates, aka Lowkey.Sophie, is back with a viral Instagram video showcasing her irresistible iced chocolate frappé recipe. Sophie continues to captivate fans with her fun and engaging content.

Sophie Yates, known online as Lowkey.Sophie, posted a video on Instagram showing her delicious recipe for an iced chocolate frappé. In the video, Sophie created a refreshing summer drink using milk, sugar, chocolate syrup, ice, chocolate chips, and whipped cream.

Sophie, a popular YouTube content creator and social media personality, has gained over 440,000 subscribers with her engaging videos about daily life, fashion tips, and fun adventures with friends.

From fashion styling to tasty recipes, Sophie Yates continues to inspire and entertain her growing audience. Check out her Instagram for more amazing content and to watch the full recipe video!


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