From Splits to Dating Tips: SZA's Most Outrageous Interview Moments

Amelia meets SZA for a date in a Chicken Shop

SZA left nothing off the table in her latest interview, sharing everything from fitness goals to her dating philosophy!

SZA just gave us all the quirky vibes on the latest Chicken Shop Date! While snacking on delicious fried chicken, she spilled the tea on everything from her goals to master the splits to her hilarious takes on dating woes and relationship advice — unsolicited, of course.

Not one to shy away from getting real, she even confessed her struggles with second dates and her own unconventional approach to attractiveness. Oh, and if you’re planning a beach day soon, take SZA’s word for it and scrub off that ocean bacteria! She wrapped the chat with some playful banter about her political aspirations (spoiler: there are none). It’s all the random, fun, and genuine moments that make us love her even more!


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