Demi Bagby Takes on Bar Flips: Watch Her Channel Top Shot's Michelle Viscusi!

Demi Bagby on a seaside vacation, 2024

Fitness sensation Demi Bagby showcases her latest gymnastics challenge on Instagram, drawing inspiration from Top Shot contestant Michelle Viscusi.

Demi Bagby, known for her athletic achievements and creative content, shared a fun video on Instagram showcasing her attempt at mastering bar flips, inspired by Michelle Viscusi, who was a contestant on the reality show Top Shot (2010 - 2013).

With over 14 million fans on TikTok,Demi Bagby is celebrated not only for her physical abilities but also for her entrepreneurial spirit and nonprofit work with The Powerfully Positive Project. Her diverse athletic activities include skateboarding, surfing, martial arts, and functional training. Bagby’s passion for fitness has been evident since her early days of street workouts and calisthenics at the age of 15.


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