Trinity Bliss and Her Dog Can't Tear Themselves Away From the Book 'Stuart'

Trinity Bliss attends the "Little Wing" premiere 2024

Trinity Bliss and Levi are having a great time reading the book “Stuart.”

Trinity Bliss (born 2009), known as Tuktirey in James Cameron’s (1969) “Avatar” film series, shared a cute post on her Instagram featuring her dog Levi engrossed in the book “Stuart.” Bliss captioned the post: “Levi and I are reading this book again because it turns any ‘ruff’ day into a good one! The main ‘man’ of this book is Stuart, a fun Boston Terrier, the life of every party!”

“Stuart” tells the story of Jen Jensen, a real estate entrepreneur and dog lover, whose life takes a turn when her dog Stuart transforms into a harming man. Together, they turn their surroundings upside down and attract media attention as Stuart shares his doggy wisdom. Jen tries to keep Stuart’s identity secret from her friends, family, and jealous boyfriend Arthur. This enchanting tale is a heartwarming adventure perfect for dog lovers.


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