Top Moments from CMA Fest: 5 Rising Stars Who Rocked the Stage

June 10
Bailey Zimmerman 2024 CMA Fest

Check out the top moments from CMA Fest featuring standout performances by rising stars Bailey Zimmerman, Owen Riegling, Lauren Watkins, and more!

  1. Bailey Zimmerman took the Nissan Stadium stage by storm, especially when he dropped his new song “Holy Smokes” during soundcheck. The track is a fiery addition to his repertoire, and with his high energy performance, it’s clear Bailey’s star is only going to rise higher. The crowd was all lit up, and so was social media, buzzing about Bailey’s explosive show.

  2. Lauren Watkins rocked the Spotify House stage, turning it into her personal fan zone. Snapping selfies and vibing with the crowd, Lauren’s infectious charm and killer performance left fans screaming for more. Just before her debut album, “The Heartbroken Record,” drops on June 21st, Lauren treated fans to a sneak peek with tunes from the album and her popular song “Settling Things.”

  3. Lily Rose turned the Spotify House into the ultimate party hub. With her edgy mix of modern country vibes, Lily owned the stage, pumping up the crowd and proving she’s a force to be reckoned with in the music scene.

  4. Owen Riegling captured hearts at the Riverfront stage, sharing his journey from a fan in the audience to the star in the spotlight. His soul-stirring songs and honest vibe resonated deeply, making his set a truly magical CMA Fest moment.

  5. Graham Barham brought his A-game to the Riverfront stage, thanking fans for a killer turnout. Mixing high-energy beats with heartfelt tunes, Graham not only gained new followers but also stamped his mark as country music’s next big thing.


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