Sydney Sweeney Set to Dive Back into 'Euphoria' for Season Three

March 15
Sydney Sweeney Set to Dive Back into 'Euphoria' for Season Three

Sydney Sweeney is gearing up to return to the beloved chaos of “Euphoria,” ready to tackle the groundbreaking third season set for 2025.

Sydney Sweeney is heading back to the “Euphoria” set, prepping for the drama-packed season three, set to hit screens in 2025. In her recent spill with MTV’s Josh Horowitz, she expressed genuine excitement about rejoining her castmates, a sentiment deeply felt after the loss of Angus Cloud. Despite a hectic year filled with roles in “Anyone But You,” “Madame Web,” and “Immaculate,” Sydney’s energy for “Euphoria” hasn’t dimmed, describing the set as a second home where the cast feels like family.

Even with “Madame Web” facing tough critiques, Sydney’s taking it in stride, showcasing her humor about the situation on “Saturday Night Live.” As “Euphoria” gears up for another season of intense storytelling in 2025, Sydney’s dedication and resilience shine through, proving she’s more than ready to dive back into the complex world her character inhabits.

Watch the clip from the MTV interview here:


🚨 BREAKING NEWS 🚨 Filming for #Euphoria Season 3 kicks off veeery soon – and SydneySweeney's ready to jump right back in after SXSW!!! Catch her full #Immaculate interview with JoshHorowitz, coming soon.

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