See Victoria Monét's 'Alright' Video — A Dazzling Tribute to Pop Legends

Victoria Monét's new music video 'Alright'

Victoria Monét just dropped her latest music video for Alright, and it’s all you’ve been waiting for!

Directed by the legendary Dave Meyers and choreographed by the brilliant Sean Bankhead, this video is a shoutout to the greats — think Michael Jackson’s iconic Smooth Criminal vibes mixed with nods to Missy Elliott, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, and the aesthetic of Hype Williams’s Belly. Monét herself says the video is all about “liberation and freedom,” blending the smooth with the fierce, the masculine with the feminine.

She unveiled Alright at Coachella, and now it’s out just in time to jazz up Pride Month, Black Music Month, and the start of summer ’24. Victoria’s pumped about its release: “There’s no better month to release this visual," she said at the premiere party. She’s stoked to see how it inspires the dance and ballroom scenes. Get ready to see this everywhere!


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