Not Even a 26-hour Flight Could Deter Katie and Josh Brueckner from Their Trip to Dubai

Josh Brueckner, 2003

Katie and Josh Brueckner spent more than a day traveling to Dubai.

YouTube star Katie Brueckner (1997), her husband, MMA fighter Josh Brueckner (1995), and their nine-month-old daughter Skye embarked on a 26-hour flight for a vacation to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Katie, known for her beauty tips and DIY tutorials, shares the YouTube channel Jatie Vlogs with Josh. The family documented their journey, giving fans a glimpse into their luxurious adventure.

Dubai, famous for its stunning skyscrapers like the Burj Khalifa and lavish lifestyle, is the perfect backdrop for their latest vlog. Josh, who is ranked 9th among Michigan’s professional middleweights, and Katie welcomed Skye in September 2023, adding a new chapter to their lives.


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