World Record Piano Prodigy Captivates the Internet with Crazy Talent!

June 4
World Record Piano Prodigy Captivates the Internet with Crazy Talent!

Peter Bence is redefining music with his electrifying style, viral videos, and record-breaking performances!

A Viral Music Revolution

Peter Bence is the piano sensation that’s taking the internet by storm! With jaw-dropping piano arrangements and a staggering 1.2 BILLION video hits, this global superstar has captivated millions in just 5 short years. And guess what? He holds a Guinness World Record for being the “Fastest Piano Player”!

Bence isn’t just playing the piano; he’s revolutionizing it! His edgy, percussive, and expressive style has shattered the boundaries between classical and popular music, turning the piano into a full orchestra. From teens to seniors, his electrifying performances inspire music lovers of all ages around the world.

“P” for Prodigy

Starting at the tender age of 2, Peter was already playing tunes from his favorite cartoons on his grandparents’ upright piano. By 4, he was a prodigy in his hometown music school in Hajduboszormeny, Hungary. Imagine being accepted into the prestigious Franz Liszt University of Music while still in elementary school! At 7, he was composing Mozart-inspired pieces, and by 11, he had released his first solo piano album.

During his teens, Peter fell in love with film music, especially the iconic scores of John Williams, which opened a new musical world for him. His journey led him to Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he honed his skills in film scoring and piano, drawing inspiration from legends like Michael Jackson, Queen, Bach, and Mozart.

From No-name to Fame

In 2012, Peter smashed the Guinness World Record for the most piano key hits in one minute with an unbelievable 765 hits! His YouTube journey began at Berklee, and his 2015 viral hit arrangement of Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ skyrocketed him to fame, amassing 10 million hits in just a few days.

Now, with over 1.2 billion video views and sold-out shows in over 45 countries, including iconic venues like the Sydney Opera House and Vienna’s Stadthalle, Peter Bence continues to dazzle the world. He even opened BBC’s Proms In The Park 2017 in London for 50,000 fans!

In 2020, his album “The Awesome Piano” debuted on the Steinway & Sons label, hitting #1 on iTunes in multiple countries and #11 on Billboard worldwide.


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