Ink Alert! Piper Rockelle Adds Two Gorgeous Tattoos to Her Collection

June 4
Piper Rockelle, 2022

Piper Rockelle went to a tattoo salon and got two new tattoos.

Piper Rockelle (born 2007), known for her YouTube channel and appearances on shows like “Mani” (2017 - present) and “Piperazzi” (2018 - present), has added two new tattoos to her collection. In her Instagram post, Piper showcased a text tattoo on her side and a small heart.

The Instagram post, which quickly garnered over 11,000 likes, included a note for her fans to follow her on Linkit, where they can get the latest updates first. Her fans are affectionately called #Piperazzi.

Piper, who has a significant following on TikTok and YouTube, continues to entertain her audience with new content, including pranks, challenges, and now, more tattoos (which people have had since prehistoric times). The sixteen-year-old star remains a beloved figure in the online community, admired for her creativity and vibrant personality.


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