How CMA Fest Is Changing Lives Through the Power of Music Education

June 8
Music lesson

By purchasing tickets to CMA Fest, you are supporting children’s music education.

CMA Fest and CMA Foundation: A Harmonious Collaboration

The CMA Fest, held annually in Nashville, is also a significant supporter of the CMA Foundation. Established in 2011, the CMA Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Country Music Association (CMA), dedicated to enhancing and sustaining quality music education programs across the United States.

Origins and Mission of the CMA Foundation

The CMA Foundation was born out of the passion of country music artists and industry professionals who understand the power of music education. The foundation’s goal is to ensure that every child has access to music education that aids in their development. The foundation invests in programs that provide resources and support for both music educators and students.

How the CMA Fest Supports the Foundation

Since 2006, the CMA Fest has been a major contributor to the CMA Foundation. The festival, which began as Fan Fair in 1972 has grown into the world’s largest country music festival. Artists such as Anne Wilson, Bailey Zimmerman, and Dolly Parton donate their time and talent, and a portion of the festival’s proceeds go directly to the foundation. Over the years, this collaboration has led to investments of over $30 million in music education initiatives nationwide.

The CMA Foundation exemplifies how music can bridge gaps and build community, and the CMA Fest plays a crucial role in this mission. Together, they not only preserve the legacy of country music but also invest in the future by supporting the next generation of musicians and music lovers.


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