Ditch Everything & Listen to Dominic Fike's '14 Minutes' Right Now

April 24
Ditch Everything & Listen to Dominic Fike's '14 Minutes' Right Now

Euphoria star Dominic Fike surprises fans with a new project: “14 minutes,” an 8-song EP with a matching visual experience.

Dominic Fike, the ‘Euphoria’ star who’s as comfortable on screen as he is in the studio, just surprised fans with a brand new project: “14 minutes.” Forget the typical EP format, this is Fike pushing boundaries and creating a unique 8-song sonic adventure. To amplify the energy, Fike released a 14-minute visual on YouTube alongside the EP.

Imagine a stark, introspective journey – Fike on a deserted road, the world blurring by as the music takes center stage. It’s a visual companion that perfectly captures the vibe of “14 minutes.”

And the love is pouring in from Hollywood A-listers. Actresses Diana Silvers and Kristine Froseth are fans, and the singer SZA has shown the project some love too. This might be Fike’s first musical release since his acclaimed album “Sunburn” dropped last year, but let’s just say the wait was well worth it.

The anticipation for “14 minutes” has been simmering ever since a recent West Hollywood event where Fike offered his thoughts about the project, leaving fans eager to hear the new music. So, ditch the distractions, grab your headphones, and hit play!

Watch the visual to ‘14 minutes’ here:


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