Crazy Performances at the Eurovision Song Contest

March 31
Crazy Performances at the Eurovision Song Contest

Some performances at Eurovision may not have brought victory to the representatives of the competing countries, but they memorably entertained (and even angered) the audience.

The Song that Became a Hit

In 2007, during the 52nd edition of the Eurovision Song Contest held in Helsinki, Finland, the representative of Ukraine, Andriy Mykhailovych Danylko, known by the stage name Verka Serduchka, entertained the audience with his performance. He adopted the surname Serduchka from a girl who was his classmate.

The song “Dancing Lasha Tumbai” (it must be admitted that the expression Lasha Tumbai has no meaning) secured Verka second place in the competition and became a hit not only in Ukraine but also across Europe.

In 2022, Verka used the song with modified lyrics and titled “Dancing Russia Goodbye” to support her country after the Russian invasion.

Singing and Cookies

In 2012, in Baku, Azerbaijan (where the contest was held following the victory of their representatives, the duo Ell & Nikki with the song “Running Scared”), the group Buranovskiye Babushki (English: “Buranovo Grannies”) shone during their performance.

In addition to singing the song “Party for Everybody,” the members of the group also captivated the audience with cookies that they “baked” in an oven on stage. The group eventually finished in a splendid second place.

A Phenomenal Saxophonist

Although the song “Run Away,” with which the Moldovan group SunStroke Project and singer Olia Tira finished in 2010, did not win (it placed fourth), it became legendary thanks to the saxophone solo by Sergey Stepanov, who was soon dubbed as the Epic Sax Guy.

Immodest Artists

We Are The Winners” was the rather immodestly named song (in which they referred to themselves as Eurovision winners) performed by Lithuania’s group LT United at the 51st Eurovision Song Contest held in Athens, Greece.

Even though the song, reminiscent of “We Are the Champions” by the group Queen, placed a relatively good 6th, the audience also booed it.

From baking cookies, to an excellent saxophone solo, and angering the audience - Eurovision is simply not just about singing.


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