Celeb Squad Led by Paige Hyland and Ariana DeBose Turns Earth Day into a Green Gala

Celeb Squad Led by Paige Hyland and Ariana DeBose Turns Earth Day into a Green Gala

Celebrating Earth Day, our favorite influencers and celebrities took to social media to show some love for our planet. Here’s the eco-chic rundown:

Patrick Starr turned sustainability into a fashion statement with a cheeky video that danced through the ‘Three Rs’ - Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Bringing eco-awareness with a glam twist, this beauty guru knows how to make Mother Earth the queen of the runway.

Over on another feed, the wild heart of nature pulsed strong as Demi Bagby shared a breathtaking view of a rugged landscape. With the simple but powerful hashtag #earthday, Demi’s snapshot is a reminder to preserve the adventurous spirit of the Earth.

Ariana DeBose took serenity to the next level, sharing a tranquil moment by the seaside. She wove words of wisdom around the importance of caring for Earth, captioning the scene with a celebration of the small steps we can take to protect our natural world.

Lashana Lynch delivered an intimate Earth Day message with a close-up, her eyes reflecting the profound beauty of a bamboo forest. This Bond girl gives us a peek into how awe-inspiring nature can be when we look at it up close.

Miss America Grace Stanke shed light on a darker side of Earth Day, highlighting the urgent need for emission-free electricity. By sharing facts about energy consumption and the American power grid, she sparks a conversation about the bigger picture of environmental protection.

Paige Hyland wrapped up the Earth Day celeb-spotting with a stunning photo that screams ‘paradise on Earth.’ Her post doubled down on the importance of cherishing and safeguarding our natural wonders, proving that influencers can indeed influence for the greater good.


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