Billboard just named 5 Kpop girl groups everyone should know

November 15, 2023
Billboard just named 5 Kpop girl groups everyone should know

Billboard has just cast a spotlight on five Kpop girl groups that are reshaping the musical landscape. These ensembles are the vanguards of the Kpop revolution, setting trends and pushing the boundaries with every rhythm, every movement, and every anthem. Here’s what you should know about these trailblazing icons.


Exploding onto the scene with a fearless spirit, LE SSERAFIM has swiftly carved out a space in the Kpop pantheon. Their debut was a declaration of their bold identity, and their album “FEARLESS” resonated with a message of audacity and strength. With performances that fuse grace with power, LE SSERAFIM has woven a connection with fans that transcends music, tapping into the heartbeat of the genre.


NewJeans is a name that echoes across continents, synonymous with the youthful pulse of Kpop. Their meteoric rise is chronicled through a narrative of ‘surpassing’ expectations, ‘performing’ with unparalleled zest, and ‘advertising’ that captivates the masses. They don’t just release hits; they craft cultural phenomena that ripple through the fabric of global pop culture.


NMIXX bursts forth as a force of nature, a whirlwind of creativity and exuberance that’s impossible to ignore. Sitting proudly in the brand reputation rankings, they dance on the cusp of Kpop royalty. Their music is a kaleidoscope of genres, a fusion that’s as fearless as it is fascinating. With each high-octane performance, NMIXX promises a future where they reign supreme.


From the Land of the Rising Sun comes XG, a Japanese sensation that’s capturing hearts worldwide. Their sonic blend of Hip Hop and R&B is a breath of fresh air in the Kpop scene. Their historic moment on the Billboard magazine cover wasn’t just a first for a Japanese girl group; it was a testament to their global impact. With performances that are nothing short of a phenomenon, XG is a name etched in the stars.


Amidst the limelight and the legal drama, FIFTY FIFTY stands as a testament to the resilient spirit of Kpop. Their EP “The Fifty” and their hit “Cupid” have become anthems of their journey, symbols of their undying resolve. The group’s narrative is one of triumph over trials, a story that resonates with fans who stand steadfast by their side.

In these pages, we’ve not only chronicled the rise of Kpop’s new royalty but also celebrated the vibrant tapestry they weave with their music and stories. Their melodies are the soundtrack to a movement, and their dances are the steps to a new dawn.

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