Amanda Rach Lee's Birthday Cake Is Like Something Out of a Fairytale

Amanda Rach Lee, 2022

Amanda Rach Lee, a popular Canadian YouTuber and artist, celebrated her 26th birthday on June 16th, sharing delightful Instagram photos of a heart-shaped cake.

Amanda Rach Lee, the popular Canadian YouTuber and artist known for her creative tutorials on drawing, calligraphy, and journaling, celebrated her 26th birthday on June 16th, which also coincides with Father’s Day, celebrated since 1910. To mark this milestone, she posted several photos on Instagram featuring a heart-shaped cake adorned with cherries that looks exactly like the one from her drawing. The post, which garnered over 4,200 likes within an hour, shows Amanda in a vibrant red top, admiring her cake.

Since launching her YouTube channel in 2013, AmandaRachLee has built a significant presence and gained a large following. In addition to her art tutorials, she has collaborated with major brands like Samsung and has her own online store.


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