6 Star Power LEGO Fanatics That Will Absolutely Floor You!

December 8, 2023
6 Star Power LEGO Fanatics That Will Absolutely Floor You!

Uncover the lesser-known LEGO passions of celebrities like Ed Sheeran and Chris Pratt, revealing a charming blend of creativity and nostalgia.

Ed Sheeran’s LEGO Love Affair

Ed Sheeran, renowned for his chart-topping album “=” and the catchy tune “Bad Habits,” shares more than just musical talents with his fans. On the Graham Norton Show, Sheeran revealed his penchant for LEGO, particularly the Pirates of the Caribbean theme, reflecting a childhood relived through these tiny bricks. This passion for LEGO showcases a different facet of Sheeran’s personality, intertwining his love for storytelling and reliving youth, an endearing quality that resonates with many of his fans.

Chris Pratt, the LEGO Storyteller

Chris Pratt, known for his role as Emmet Brickowski in the LEGO Movie and as Andy in Parks and Recreation, extends his storytelling prowess beyond the screen into the world of LEGO. His affinity for LEGO, especially the Jurassic World theme, offers a glimpse into his creative process. Pratt uses LEGO as a medium for storytelling, constructing narratives with these mini figures, demonstrating his imaginative versatility.

Daniel Radcliffe’s Magical Builds

Daniel Radcliffe, the face of Harry Potter, found solace in LEGO building during the pandemic, as he and his girlfriend delved into the 3200-piece Jurassic Park set. This pastime, shared during a virtual interview, highlights LEGO’s therapeutic and meditative qualities. For Radcliffe, LEGO building offers a break from the stress of everyday life, providing a peaceful and creative escape.

Orlando Bloom, the LEGO Enthusiast

Orlando Bloom’s passion for LEGO goes beyond the on-screen adventures of Pirates of the Caribbean and The Lord of the Rings. In a candid conversation with Jimmy Fallon, Bloom expressed his enthusiasm for Technic and Creator Expert LEGO sets. His collection, a testament to his enduring love for these toys, exemplifies the joy and simplicity found in LEGO building, a hobby that transcends age and fame.

Anna Kendrick’s Newfound Hobby

The pandemic brought unexpected hobbies to the forefront, and for Anna Kendrick, star of Pitch Perfect, it was building the Star Wars Millennium LEGO set. This newfound interest, as she shared, rekindled the childlike joy and wonder within her. Kendrick’s engagement with LEGO during these challenging times underscores its role as a source of entertainment and personal relaxation.

The Multifaceted World of Terry Crews

Terry Crews, the beloved actor from Brooklyn 99, finds deep life lessons in LEGO building. His Instagram post featuring a completed Starfighter reflects his view of LEGO as more than just a hobby. For Crews, LEGO symbolizes perseverance, patience, and the understanding that being in pieces does not equate to being broken. His philosophy, shared through his LEGO creations, resonates with fans, offering inspiration and a unique perspective on life’s challenges.

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