BigXThaPlug's Summerfest Set Faces Major Technical Fail

BigXthaPlug - Xavier Landum Summerfest Music Festival, Milwaukee, Wisconsin - 29 Jun 2024

BigXThaPlug’s Summerfest performance had fans buzzing despite major technical issues—find out how he kept the crowd entertained.

BigXThaPlug brought energy and excitement to Summerfest’s Generac Power Stage Saturday night, but his performance faced significant technical difficulties. The Dallas rapper struggled with his live vocals throughout his half-hour set.

During his second song Mr. Trouble, it became apparent that his mic was not functioning properly, as his vocals sounded too smooth and continued unaffected even when he dropped the mic.

Despite these issues, the crowd remained entertained as BigXThaPlug ripped off his shirt, tossed stacks of cash into the audience, and delivered an engaging show. While technical issues marred the performance, BigXThaPlug’s charisma and stage presence kept the audience hooked.


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