You Won't Believe What Happened When Kevin Hart Called LeBron James on Kai Cenat's Stream

Kai Cenat breaks his all-time Twitch viewership record with Kevin Hart stream

Twitch star Kai Cenat hosted an epic stream with Kevin Hart and Druski, breaking records and creating unforgettable moments. Here’s the scoop!

Twitch superstar Kai Cenat set the streaming world on fire with his latest broadcast featuring comedy icons Kevin Hart and Druski. This dynamic trio turned a regular Twitch stream into a record-breaking spectacle, drawing in over 720K viewers at its peak and maintaining a solid 600K viewership throughout.

The highlight of the stream? Kevin Hart dialing up NBA legend LeBron James, causing an eruption of excitement that had Cenat and Druski literally jumping out of their seats. Hart, ever the showman, hyped the call by announcing their massive live audience, adding an extra layer of thrill to an already electric stream.

This broadcast cemented Cenat’s status as a top-tier streamer. It’s now the 12th most-watched stream in Twitch history and ranks fifth among English-speaking channels. From celebrity surprises to hilarious moments, Cenat’s stream with Hart and Druski is a must-watch event, proving once again that he’s a master of creating viral content.


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