You Can Explore 50 Years of the Legendary CMA Fest's History Through a Single film

Rachel Smith and Dolly Parton atCMA Fest 2024

In 2023, a movie was released that maps the long history of CMA Fest, which began in 1972.

A Monumental Milestone in Country Music

The documentary “CMA Fest: 50 Years of Fan Fair,” released in 2023, celebrates the 50th anniversary of the legendary Country Music Association festival, which has grown from a small gathering into a monumental event attracting over 90,000 fans daily. The film, created for Hulu, features exclusive interviews with country music stars and never-before-seen archival footage, capturing the essence of the festival’s evolution since its inception in 1972.

From Garth Brooks to Modern Headliners

From Garth Brooks’ (1962) spontaneous performance in 1996 to the current headliners, the documentary is an emotional journey full of stories, electrifying performances, and a deep dive into the cultural impact of the festival. It traces the journey of Fan Fair, starting at the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville with just 5,000 attendees, to its current form spread across downtown Nashville.

Bridging the Gap Between Fans and Stars

Narrated with nostalgia and excitement, the film showcases the festival’s role in bridging the gap between fans and their favorite artists, offering a unique country music experience. The documentary features interviews with legends such as Luke Bryan (1976), Luke Combs (1990), Reba McEntire (1955), Dolly Parton (1946), Carrie Underwood (1983), Keith Urban (1967) and many others​.

Whether you are a long-time country music fan or a new enthusiast, “CMA Fest: 50 Years of Fan Fair” promises a captivating experience, celebrating the spirit of a genre that has shaped the history of American music.


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