See How 'Avatar' Star Bailey Bass Stays in Shape with These Simple Tricks!

May 25
See How 'Avatar' Star Bailey Bass Stays in Shape with These Simple Tricks!

Actress Bailey Bass shares an inspiring glimpse into her fitness regimen and her advocacy for body neutrality on TikTok.

Bailey Bass is all about #fitspo and #bodyneutrality! The rising star, who blew us away in “Avatar: The Way of Water” and “Interview with the Vampire,” just dropped her weekly fitness and nutrition routine on TikTok, and it’s seriously inspiring.

Bass isn’t just about looking good, she’s about feeling good – strong and healthy. Her plan involves hitting the weights four times a week, diving into the pool for some swim sessions, and fueling her body with plenty of protein.


LET’S GO!! Staying diciplined and being concious of my protein intake is so fun! This week along with consuming as much protein as possible, I did weight training 4 times with my trainer and swam for 45min (with breaks ofcourse) twice. I was less active this week than last, but I’m proud of myself. Since I didn’t consume 100 grams of protein daily this week, I will do the ✨what i eat in a day✨ videos when I’m back. The next challenge will be a daily fitness challenge. More on that soon. To all my stretch mark blessed, curve filled, and cellulite stary dimple girlies…i love you🤍 #fitness #protein #bodynuetrality

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It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though; she talks about the struggles of staying on track, but also the amazing feeling of accomplishment. Even though this week wasn’t her most active, she’s crushing it and already planning a daily fitness challenge – go Bailey!

This isn’t the first time the actress, who started out rocking a “My Little Pony” commercial at the tender age of five and a half, has shared her personal growth journey. Bass is all about keeping it real with her fans, and that includes showing them how she prioritizes her well-being. Now that’s an influencer we can get behind!


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