Sabrina Carpenter Just Launched an 'Espresso' Ice Cream and It's Everything Your Summer Needed

June 10
Sabrina Carpenter performing at Governors Ball

Sabrina Carpenter is blending her musical flair with sweet treats, launching an espresso-flavored ice cream in collaboration with Van Leeuwen Ice Cream.

Announced on Instagram, the release is set for June 28th, featuring a container adorned with the cover art from her hit single “Espresso.” This unique blend mixes coffee and chocolate swirls, inspired by the song that won praise from none other than Adele during her Las Vegas show.

With “Espresso” already a hit since its April debut, Sabrina Carpenter is also gearing up to release her new albumShort n’ Sweet” on August 23rd, promising more delights for her fans both in music and now in dessert form.


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