Kelly Rutherford’s Mirror Selfies Are Becoming Iconic By Now

May 12
Kelly Rutherford’s Mirror Selfies Are Becoming Iconic By Now

How the 55-year-old actress makes the fashion world obsessed with her. And the young fashionistas obsessed with her approach to fashion.

Everyone, who’s at least slightly into fashion, has been hit by them on social media for once at minimum by now. Kelly Rutherford could honestly teach content consistency with her mirror selfies to many influencers out there.

Although her Instagram account has reached 11 thousand posts by now she manages to stay very intimate and natural with her followers, sharing outfit details of major fashion houses as well as more niche finds.

And it pays off not only in her popularity, but also in her reputation.

In an era of constant fight for sustainability and slow fashion, Kelly Rutherford promotes quiet luxury – a non-trend trend (as oxymoronic as it sounds) that encourages the buying of unpretentious exclusive pieces that stand the test of time.

And it’s further becoming more and more popular even with younger consumers aspiring to this lifestyle.

Rutherford’s distinctive style is a blend of Parisian-American sophistication, resembling classic and timeless elegance which is why she also appeals to many young fashionistas beside leading luxury brands offering her front seats next to “it” celebrities during the latest fashion weeks.

The Gossip Girl actress has gained the label of the “real life Lily van der Woodsen” (the character she played in the show) or the “original Birkin mom” with several fashion-oriented sources claiming she used her own bag collection in the famous series about the Upper East Side’s elite.

And although she might not have much in common with the nature of her role in GG, she definitely shares the same passion for fashion.


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