Is That Tyla? Her Bold New Look on DAZED is Turning Heads!

tyla haircut

Tyla is absolutely killing it with a new pixie cut that’s giving major early 2000s vibes — yes, it’s Rihanna’s Fenty Hair and it’s everything! Gone are the braids, and in comes this fresh, edgy look that she totally owns.

After her stunning spread in Cosmopolitan, Tyla is seriously on a roll. Remember her hits like “Echo” and the album “Midnight Rhythms”? Now she’s gracing another major cover and proving she’s the it-girl of the pop music world right now. The shoot has this super cool press briefing theme with Tyla at the center, looking like an absolute boss surrounded by bodyguards. It’s like she’s living in her own spy movie!

Everyone’s buzzing about how Tyla is transforming her style and continuing to dazzle us all. She’s more than just a Grammy-winning artist who gave us bops like “Twilight Pulse”; she’s a fashion icon in the making. Ugh, can she get any cooler? Keep slaying, Tyla! 🌟


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