Cannibalism Follows Ella Purnell from 'Yellowjackets' to 'Fallout'

Ella Purnell attends Fallout | Emmys FYC Event at Prime Video's Prime Experience at NYA WEST on Thur May 9th, 2024 in Los Angeles.

Ella Purnell shares her journey from Yellowjackets to Fallout, revealing her fears of being typecast and the challenges of her evolving roles.

From teen drama to post-apocalyptic wasteland, Ella Purnell’s career is taking thrilling twists. After captivating audiences as Jackie in Yellowjackets, Purnell has jumped headfirst into the radiation-soaked world of Fallout as Lucy MacLean.

In a recent THR interview, Purnell revealed that the transition wasn’t without its emotional hurdles. She found herself missing her tight-knit Yellowjackets crew while filming Fallout. In a stroke of dark irony, she’s once again grappling with themes of cannibalism in her new role. “I don’t want to get typecast as the cannibalism chick,” she quips, bringing levity to her intense career trajectory.

As Lucy, Purnell faces a whole new set of challenges. She’s intrigued by her character’s evolving storyline, particularly how Lucy will navigate the traumas and shocking revelations that await her in the wasteland.

With Fallout quickly becoming a hit, Purnell is cementing her reputation as a versatile and compelling actress, ready to tackle whatever role comes her way - cannibals and all.


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