How Music Shapes Amandla Stenberg's Acting Career

Amandla Stenberg

Amandla Stenberg opens up about her lifelong connection to music, and how it fuels both her acting and her soul.

Remember Rue from “The Hunger Games” or Cataleya from “Colombiana”? Well, actress and singer Amandla Stenberg just dropped a real-life bombshell on Instagram – and it’s all about music!

Turns out, blasting arrows and dodging assassins isn’t Stenberg’s only passion. In a heartfelt post, she dives deep into her lifelong love affair with music, sparked by those magical free after-school violin lessons her school offered.

But her story isn’t all sunshine and concertos. Stenberg admits that the pressure of competitive classical music kinda stole her joy. Enter Javier Orman, a musical sensei who introduced her to the liberating world of improvisation. Boom! Just like that, the music came alive again for Stenberg.

And guess what? Music isn’t just a side hustle for this talented soul. Stenberg confesses that music is her secret weapon for building characters. Yep, for months, she channeled the epic “Star Wars” scores to get into the zone for her role in “The Darkest Minds.”

Stenberg’s post is sincere thank you to the teachers and mentors who nurtured her talents, both on screen and off.


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