'House of the Dragon' Star Emily Carey Burns Down Homophobic Trolls Online

June 3
Emma D'Arcy 26th British Independent Film Awards, Arrivals, Old Billingsgate, London, UK - 03 Dec 2023

House of the Dragon” star Emily Carey opens up about facing borderline homophobic hate from online trolls.

Ugh, online trolls can be the absolute worst. Take Emily Carey, for instance. They’re slaying it as the young Alicent Hightower in “House of the Dragon,” but apparently some folks can’t handle seeing a non-binary actor rocking a killer crown. Carey recently opened up about receiving homophobic messages online, which is just plain gross.

Here’s the thing: This kind of hate isn’t new for LGBTQ+ actors. It’s a total bummer, and it can really sting. But Carey not letting it stop them. They’re owning their identity, and good on them for that! Plus, seeing a non-binary actor like Carey absolutely crush their role is pretty darn awesome.

This whole situation just goes to show that the internet can be a real drag sometimes. But hey, maybe by talking about it, we can all work towards making it a little less toxic. Let’s celebrate the amazing talent of LGBTQ+ actors, like Emily, and ditch the hate for good.


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