Hollywood's Wild Side: Celebrities and Their Exotic Pets

November 20, 2023
Hollywood's Wild Side: Celebrities and Their Exotic Pets

Discover the intriguing world of celebrities who own exotic pets, from Justin Bieber’s capuchin monkey to Mike Tyson’s Bengal tigers. This article delves into the allure and challenges of such unique animal companions, highlighting the glamorous yet controversial aspects of this unconventional choice.

Justin Bieber: Monkeying Around

Justin Bieber made headlines when he adopted a capuchin monkey named Mally. The pop star’s monkey business stirred up controversy when he brought Mally to Germany without the proper paperwork, leading to the monkey’s confiscation by authorities. This incident highlighted the complex issues surrounding the ownership of exotic pets.

Mike Tyson: A Tiger’s Tale

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson was once the proud owner of three royal Bengal tigers. Tyson’s tigers were as much a part of his outlandish persona as his boxing prowess, but he later acknowledged the impracticality and danger of keeping such wild animals as pets.

Paris Hilton: The Kinkajou Cuddler

Socialite Paris Hilton had a kinkajou named Baby Luv — a rainforest mammal also known as a “honey bear.” The pet made news when it bit Hilton, leading to a hospital visit. Despite the incident, Baby Luv remained part of Paris’s exotic animal collection.

Nicolas Cage: The Serpent Collector

Nicolas Cage has been known for his extravagant spending habits, which include purchasing two albino King Cobras. The actor’s snake collection added to his eccentric and adventurous image, although caring for venomous snakes is not for the faint-hearted.

Kristen Stewart: Wolf Pack Wanderer

“Twilight” star Kristen Stewart owns four wolf-dog hybrids. Her love for these wild creatures is fitting given her role in the werewolf-populated love story. Stewart’s pets are a cross between wolves and dogs, which are known for their loyal yet unpredictable nature.

Leonardo DiCaprio: The Tortoise and the Star

Leonardo DiCaprio purchased a Sulcata tortoise at a reptile breeders’ conference. Known for their impressive size and long lifespan, DiCaprio’s pet is a commitment for the long haul, with the possibility of outliving its famous owner.

Vanilla Ice: The Wallaroo and Goat Buddy

Rapper Vanilla Ice had an unusual duo: a wallaroo named Bucky and a goat named Pancho. They made a break for it once, leading to a run-in with the law when they were picked up by animal control. Vanilla Ice was fined for their escapade, demonstrating the unpredictable nature of keeping non-traditional pets.

T.I.: The Feathered Friend

Rapper T.I. surprised many when he revealed that he owned a flock of exotic birds. These aren’t just any backyard birds; T.I.'s collection includes some that are rare and require special care to maintain their lavish plumage and health.

Slash: The Reptile Rocker

Slash, the legendary guitarist from Guns N’ Roses, has a well-known love for reptiles, particularly snakes. At one point, he had a collection that included a reported 80 snakes in his personal zoo. His fascination with these slithering pets is well-documented in the rock world.

Megan Fox: The Bush Baby Enthusiast

Megan Fox’s interest in exotic animals led her to own a bush baby, which are known for their large eyes and nocturnal habits. Fox has spoken about the challenges and joys of caring for such an unconventional pet, which requires a lot of attention and special care.

Celebrities often push the envelope when it comes to pet ownership, venturing beyond the typical dog-and-cat duo to more wild and exotic animals. While these pets can sometimes accentuate the unique personalities of their owners, they also come with a set of responsibilities and ethical considerations. The stories of these celebrities and their non-traditional companions highlight the allure and complexity of living with exotic animals.


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