Film and Television Adventures of the Black Stallion

March 3
Film and Television Adventures of the Black Stallion

In 1979, the legendary Black Stallion first galloped onto the silver screen.

The most beautiful view in the world is said to be from the back of a horse

The Black Stallion, a black Arabian horse, has been entertaining horse enthusiasts and adventure seekers on the big screen and television since 1979.

“The Black Stallion” (1979)

Movie audiences first encountered the story of the Black Stallion and its rider Alec Ramsey in 1979 when Carroll Ballard directed the film “The Black Stallion,” based on Walter Farley’s novel of the same name (1941). The plot unfolds in 1946, as the boy Alec Ramsey (Kelly Reno) on a ship sailing along the coast of North Africa encounters a magnificent Arabian stallion. When the ship later catches fire, Alec frees the horse, and both end up in the sea, washed ashore on a deserted island.

There, the boy befriends the horse, renaming him “Black,” and eventually, they are rescued and return to America, where Alec lives. When the frightened Black runs away once, they both meet the former jockey Henry Dailey (Mickey Rooney), who begins to prepare them for a major race.

“The Black Stallion Returns” (1983)

A sequel to the original film was directed by Robert Dalva in 1983. In it, Alec travels to Africa, where Black was taken by his original owners to participate in a significant race. On his journey through the desert, Alec encounters the Tuareg rider Raj and eventually reaches the residence of Sheikh Ben Ishak. The Sheikh introduces the boy to his granddaughter Tabari, who is supposed to lead Black in the races. However, the horse does not obey her

“The Adventures of the Black Stallion” (1990 - 1993)

Between 1990 and 1993, a Canadian series was filmed, featuring Black, Alec Ramsey (Richard Ian Cox), and trainer Henry Dailey once again portrayed by Mickey Rooney. Alec, along with his mother, runs the Hopeful Farm and simultaneously races with Black. Initially, they participate in unofficial races due to Black’s unverified pedigree, and after obtaining documents, they compete all around the world. However, the story has shifted from the post-World War II period to the nineties.

The Black Stallion joined other animal heroes of the silver screen in 1979, such as the collie Lassie or the St. Bernard Beethoven. It would be great if another film or series were made about him.

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