Discover the Must-Try Activities at Summerfest 2024


Besides music, you can enjoy other great activities for everyone at this year’s Summerfest.

This year’s Summerfest 2024 in Milwaukee offers a wide range of activities beyond music to enhance your festival experience. Basketball enthusiasts can join the 2s, Frees & 3s challenge and compete for $1,000 in a shooting contest. Golf lovers can try their luck in the Iron Joc Hole-in-One Challenge to win $5,000.

Families can cool off at the Elizabeth “Bo” Black Family Fountain, while thrill-seekers can enjoy panoramic views from the Everlight Solar Ferris Wheel or the MKE Airport Skyglider, a gondola ride over the main festival avenue. These activities ensure fun for everyone, whether you’re a sports fan, family, or thrill-seeker.


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