Close Encounters of the Star Kind: Celebrities' Unearthly Experiences with UFOs

November 20, 2023
Close Encounters of the Star Kind: Celebrities' Unearthly Experiences with UFOs

From Miley Cyrus’s UFO chase to Nick Jonas’s backyard sightings, these celebrity encounters with the unknown are as intriguing as they are otherworldly. Join us on a journey through their cosmic experiences.

Miley Cyrus’s UFO Chase

Miley Cyrus had a close encounter while driving through San Bernardino. She described being chased by a UFO resembling a “flying snowplow,” glowing yellow. Cyrus even claims to have made eye contact with an alien pilot, a moment that deeply shook her.

Demi Lovato’s Alien Advocacy

Demi Lovato is more than a believer; they actively promote the search for extraterrestrial life. Inspired by a visit to Joshua Tree with UFO expert Dr. Steven Greer, Lovato has embarked on a docuseries dedicated to uncovering alien life.

Kurt Russell and the Phoenix Lights

In 1997, actor Kurt Russell was the first pilot to report the now-infamous Phoenix Lights. While flying, he saw a V-shaped formation of lights above the airport, a sighting corroborated by many others that night.

Post Malone’s Multiple Encounters

Rapper Post Malone has encountered UFOs in various states, including New York, Utah, and California. He described one sighting in California as a “forcefield,” an experience shared with several witnesses.

Kesha’s Desert Sightings

Kesha’s experience in Joshua Tree was so profound that it inspired the UFOs on the cover of her album “Rainbows.” She described seeing several spaceships in the desert sky.

Alicia Keys’ Belief in Aliens

Singer-songwriter Alicia Keys is confident that aliens walk among us. She encourages people to consider their own experiences with unidentified objects in the sky as potential alien encounters.

Olivia Newton-John’s Teenage Encounter

“Grease” star Olivia Newton-John recounted seeing a UFO as a teenager, describing it as moving at an “amazing speed.” She believes that more people are now open to the idea of extraterrestrial visitors.

Nick Jonas’ Backyard UFOs

Nick Jonas became a believer after witnessing several UFOs from his backyard in Los Angeles. His experience was later confirmed by similar accounts he found online.

January Jones’ Iowa Experience

“Mad Men” star January Jones recalled seeing a UFO in Iowa, making erratic movements in the sky. She humorously suggested it could have been a spaceship or a confused shooting star.

Kacey Musgraves’ Unexplained Phenomena

Country pop star Kacey Musgraves shared her experiences of seeing UFOs in Mexico and Nashville, including “two giant balls of fire” hovering in the sky, which she couldn’t explain.

Russell Crowe’s Time-Lapse Footage

Actor Russell Crowe posted time-lapse photos on Twitter of a strange glow in the sky, suggesting it might be a UFO. However, the images were later speculated to be of a sailboat.

Tom DeLonge’s Lifelong Interest

Former Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge has been fascinated with aliens most of his life, even founding the To the Stars Academy to study UFOs. His company released videos of UFOs confirmed by the U.S. Navy.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Alien Concerns

Actress Jennifer Lawrence admits to believing in aliens, though the idea of interacting with them terrifies her. She expressed discomfort over a space capsule sent with information about Earth for extraterrestrials.

Katy Perry’s Belief in Life on Other Planets

Singer Katy Perry, famous for her hit song “E.T.,” believes in extraterrestrial life. She once joked about wanting to ask Barack Obama about his knowledge of aliens.

Jaden Smith’s Presidential Inquiry

Jaden Smith’s belief in extraterrestrial life was reinforced after a conversation with former President Barack Obama. Smith asserts that this discussion convinced him of the existence of aliens.

These celebrities, from different walks of life, share a common thread - a belief or an experience that connects them to the vast and mysterious universe, suggesting that we might not be alone after all.


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