Banksy, the Mysterious Artist who Desires to Remain Anonymous

March 23
Banksy, the Mysterious Artist who Desires to Remain Anonymous

Recently, a piece appeared in London, claimed by Banksy. The artist, whose work and true identity captivate the entire world.

The Artist Who Wants to Remain Anonymous

Since the 1990s, an English street artist has been active worldwide, known only by the pseudonym “Banksy”. Despite painting his satirical works commenting on social and political issues on publicly accessible walls and objects (such as bridges or traffic signs), he always works discreetly to avoid being revealed.

Painting on Walls Carries Its Risks

In addition to a small number of works anonymously sold through his agency “Pest Control”, his pieces in public spaces are accessible to admirers of his art. However, it has repeatedly happened that some individuals were even able to cut out a portion of the wall with the painting and sell it. Due to ignorance, some of his works have also been destroyed.

Details that the Artist Revealed about Himself

Although he has granted several interviews to journalists during which he revealed that he started creating art at the age of fourteen, served time in prison for petty crimes, and maintains his anonymity due to the illegality of graffiti, his identity has not been fully proven.

Men Suspected of Being Banksy

Several men have been gradually labeled as Banksy, who stated his name to be Robbie and allegedly lived in Easton, Bristol before moving to London. The most suspicious candidate is likely Robin Gunningham (born in 1974 near Bristol), confirmed by several of his former classmates from Bristol Cathedral School. Furthermore, speculation has arisen around the artist being Robert Del Naja (a member of Massive Attack), former presenter Neil Buchanan, or a former councillor in Pembroke Dock.

While revealing the true identity of the artist behind works such as “The Mild Mild West,” “Well Hung Lover,” and “Girl with Balloon” may be tempting, his identity should be preserved to allow him to work undisturbed and continue to delight us with his new creations.


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