Bailey Bass Sounds the Alarm! Actress Heads to D.C. to Save Our Oceans

June 4
Bailey Bass Carolina Herrera Show, Outside Arrivals, Spring Summer 2024, New York Fashion Week, USA - 12 Sep 2023

Bailey Bass is set to be the keynote speaker at Capitol Hill for Ocean Week, sharing her passion for ocean conservation.

Actress Bailey Bass just dropped a major announcement on her social media, and it’s making waves (pun intended). After a marathon 16-hour flight from Tahiti (seriously, girl, get some rest!), Bass revealed she’ll be the keynote speaker at Capitol Hill for Ocean Week on June 5th!

In a heartfelt video, she practically bursts with excitement, clearly pumped about this incredible opportunity. But this isn’t just about a fancy title for Bass. In the caption, she gets real about the power of using your platform for a cause you believe in.


From learning about the coral bleaching crisis and finding solutions with @coralgardeners x to speaking at Capitol Hill on June 5th🌊💕🐚💪 I am so thrilled and excited. Thank you to everyone who has been following and been a part of my advocacy journey. It is so important to use our platforms for intentional impact. I can’t wait to share my speech with you all✨🤍 @marinesanctuary #oceanweek #chow2024

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Bass is no stranger to environmental activism, having championed ocean conservation for some time now. She’s been vocal about the devastating coral bleaching crisis, working with organizations like Coral Gardeners and Earthrise Studio to find solutions. Now, she’s taking her passion straight to Washington D.C., ready to raise serious awareness and inspire change.


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