Amanda Rach Lee Could Run a Plush Toy Cleaning Service

Amanda Rach Lee, 2022

Amanda Rach Lee treated her beloved plush toy to a spa day.

Amanda Rach Lee, an artist and digital content creator from Toronto, shared a touching story on her Instagram. Her favorite plush toy, fredburt, the mascot of her channel, was lost in New York City. This event greatly affected her, but fortunately, fredburt was found, albeit in a neglected state. Amanda decided to clean him up, using a brush and water.

Fans quickly reacted with relief and excitement about fredburt’s return. Many want to hear the full story of his disappearance and recovery, and some even suggest a special edition plush to commemorate the event.

Amanda, who has gained 1.9 million subscribers on YouTube with her videos on doodling, planning, and sketching, and has collaborated with Samsung, inspires her followers with her creativity.


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