A Celebration of Spring, Hope, and Joy Across Cultures

A Celebration of Spring, Hope, and Joy Across Cultures

Easter - the greatest Christian holiday and celebration of the coming spring is here.

Why are Easter celebrated?

Easter is the most significant Christian holiday, during which the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrated on Easter Sunday, three days after his crucifixion. The Easter period (whose date is movable) also signifies, for many people and cultures, the celebration of spring’s return, accompanied by various customs and traditions.

Let’s explore how Easter (with its most famous symbols being eggs and the Easter bunny) is celebrated in some countries around the world.

United States

In the United States, it is customary to hide Easter eggs in gardens and homes, which children then search for on Sunday morning. Egg rolling contests are also popular.


Spain is known for its processions held on Good Friday before Easter Sunday, during which people, dressed in robes, carry floats with statues from churches.


In Russia, people have their eggs blessed, which they then eat for the Easter meal. Eggs are also exchanged as gifts, followed by three kisses.

Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, it is customary to weave a “pomlázka” from willow twigs, with which men and boys then visit women and girls on Easter Monday morning, symbolically whipping them to ensure their health throughout the year. In return, the visitors are rewarded with colored eggs and sweets. Although some foreigners may not appreciate this custom, some women feel offended if no one visits them.


In Slovakia, besides the “pomlázka,” boys and men come to girls and women with water, which they sprinkle on them.

Although some traditions associated with Easter celebrations may seem strange to visitors from other countries at first glance, it is good to try to get to know them better and respect them. Easter announces the arrival of spring, hope, and joy to everyone.


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