8 Unbelievably Awesome New Stars Who Are Owning Hollywood in 2023!

December 7, 2023
8 Unbelievably Awesome New Stars Who Are Owning Hollywood in 2023!

Dive into the stories of 2023’s most electrifying breakout actors, each carving a unique path in Hollywood’s dynamic landscape.

A Rising Star

Alisha Weir’s remarkable journey in Hollywood began with her enchanting role in Netflix’s adaptation of “Matilda.” Her performance not only captivated audiences but hinted at a future filled with accolades. Weir, though young, has shown a depth in her acting that promises a bright future in the industry. Her portrayal in “Matilda” is just the beginning of what seems to be a thrilling career ahead. Watching her evolve as an actress will be a journey worth following for every movie enthusiast.

Versatile Talent

Storm Reid, known for her role in HBO’s “Euphoria” as Zendaya’s on-screen sister, has been making waves in Hollywood. With her role in “The Last Of Us,” and her performances in “The Suicide Squad” and “A Wrinkle in Time,” Reid is showcasing her versatility as an actress. At just 20, she’s already demonstrating the ability to handle diverse roles, positioning her as a formidable talent in the industry.

Fantasy’s New Face

Milly Alcock became a fan favorite with her portrayal of young Rhaenyra Targaryen in HBO’s “Game of Thrones” spin-off, “House of the Dragon.” Her transition from a rising star in Australian television to a globally recognized actress is noteworthy. Alcock’s performance in “Upright,” alongside Tim Minchin, further cements her status as a versatile actor. Her journey from Australian screens to international acclaim is a testament to her exceptional talent.

Following Family Footsteps

Kila Lord Cassidy made a significant impact in Netflix’s “The Wonder,” acting alongside Florence Pugh. Coming from a family of performers, her haunting portrayal of Anna in “The Wonder” is a clear indication of her inherited talent. Having debuted in “Viewpoint,” Cassidy shows promise of a flourishing career, following in the footsteps of her parents, Elaine Cassidy and Stephen Lord. Her innate talent and strong family background in acting set her on a path to stardom.

New Horizons

Ali Hadji-Heshmati’s career trajectory is impressive, having started with “Alex Rider” and moving on to “Holby City.” His role in the “Bad Education” reboot showcases his growing prowess as an actor. Hadji-Heshmati is quickly becoming a familiar face in the industry and his evolution from television to potentially leading roles in major productions marks him as a rising star to watch.

Emerging Talent

Laura Marcus, who debuted in “Bad Education,” is quickly making a name for herself. Her role in “The Great Escaper” alongside Michael Caine and Glenda Jackson, and in the adaptation of Henry Fielding’s “Tom Jones,” demonstrate her range as an actress. Marcus’s portrayal of “clueless slacktivist” Jinx in “Bad Education” has already garnered attention, indicating her potential to rise as a significant talent in the acting world.

From Heartstopper to Marvel

Joe Locke’s breakthrough role in the LGBTQ+ drama “Heartstopper” marked a significant start to his acting career. His upcoming participation in the Marvel series, “Agatha: Darkhold Diaries,” alongside Kathryn Hahn and Aubrey Plaza, is highly anticipated. Locke’s transition from a debut role to a major Marvel series showcases his rapid ascent in the industry, reflecting both his talent and the changing landscape of Hollywood casting.

The Versatile Performer

Daisy Edgar-Jones, first recognized in Hulu’s “Normal People,” has rapidly ascended in Hollywood. Her versatility was showcased in a series of remarkable projects in 2022, including “Fresh,” “Under the Banner of Heaven,” and the box office hit “Where the Crawdads Sing.” Edgar-Jones’s ability to adapt to diverse roles, from horror-comedy to crime miniseries, and now to her upcoming role as Carole King in “Beautiful,” sets her apart as a multifaceted talent in the industry.

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