Kio Cyr and Kaká Team Up for Epic Victory at Game of Legends

Kio Cyr 'Disenchanted' film premiere, 2022

Kio Cyr, the popular TikTok star, recently scored a major win at the 2024 Game of Legends event, joining forces with football icon Kaká.

Kio Cyr (born 2000), the popular TikTok star, recently celebrated a major victory at the 2024 Game of Legends event. On Instagram, Kio proudly showed off his trophy and enthusiastically wrote, “Can’t believe I got to win a trophy with Kaká!” The Game of Legends event featured top influencers and athletes who competed in a football match against a team that included Ronaldinho (1980).

With over 8 million fans on TikTok, his videos often go viral. Kio’s participation and victory at the Game of Legends, especially alongside football icon Kaká (1982), highlight his growing influence in both digital and athletic spheres. His journey from viral videos to winning competitions continues to inspire his massive fanbase.


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